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Final Step-Desert Trolls

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Final Step-Desert Trolls

FINAL STEP "Desert Trolls"

Matteo Finali - Guitar & programming
Max Pizio - Saxophones/Akai EWI/Steiner EVI/Flute/programming
Rocco Lombardi - Drums
Gian-Andrea Costa - Bass
Frank Salis - Hammond & Keyboards

“Desert Trolls”, Final Step’s first musical recording, contains original compositions often inspired by loops and computerized samples of sound, percussion or various effects that support a melody composed in the definitive style of jazz. The rhythms of the compositions find their musical roots in the various styles of rock, funk and the blues, creating a blend of diverse yet interchangeable musical genres. The end result is a modern, electric mix of constantly evolving sound, a sound that is never the same, a sound that grabs the listener’s attention.

Recorded and Edited at CSRM-Giubiasco-2009-Switzerland by Max Pizio
Mixed at Stairway Studio- Maroggia-2010-Switzerland by Stefano Scenini
Mastered at Bionic Studio-New York-2010-U.S.A. by Tom Hutten

Myspace: www.myspace.com/finalstepswitzerland

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Final-Step/222657174991?ref=ts


Review by Martina Pedroni


Marco Finali
via P.L. Chiesa 8
CH-6833 Vacallo
phone: +4191.683.40.62
mobile: +4177.435.83.21

price-CHF 23.90

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